What are the five quick fix methods of transforming India?

India despite all idolisation it is getting from the World is actually in the throes of a major crisis. Some of them are visible some of them are not, but are bound to resurface sometime later. The steep educational decline that India is undergoing through now will show its face after 15–20 years. The administration controlled by a very mediocre bureaucracy who pretend to work and work through lobby is undermining the very foundation of Indian as a society, The inability of Indian people to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad, genuine and facade is coming in the way of taking right decisions. The Indian environment burdened by growth and degradation taking place at an exponential rate is bound to undermine India as a geographical entity. Going by the rate we hardly look to be surviving for the next 20–30 years, and even if we do, we will be in actually a very bad shape.

There are some immediate efforts that India can think of before its too late.

  1. Massive administrative reforms Complete administrative reforms that should hinge on fixing accountability on to the bureaucrats, remove the shelter they have through Article 311/2, and induct a bureaucracy that feels for the people not fleece the people.
  • Changes must also range from sending senior officers to districts, electing urban local body officials, changing HR policies of bureaucrats, to not allowing any vacancy to last for more than two weeks.
  • Changes also must be in the form of selection procedure of the Bureaucracy so that people with empathy are picked as part of bureaucracy, talented and those who are good at grass root level are picked up.

2. Far reaching Judicial reforms. 32 million court cases are pending. There is urgent need to ensure quick justice and simpler laws.

3. Re-engineerand Simplify processes Simplify life of the people, simply functioning, simplify forms, simplify assessments, simplify…..simplify and simplify

4. Follow a mission mode approach for every project. India needs wisdom, domain specialists, deep thinker who are in a position to objectively suggest where should we be heading. We require experts, then respect them and empower them. We have too many lawyers and economists in the government who have never run a business. Verghese Kurien was the champion for milk, Vikram Sarabhai for space and Homi Bhabha for atomic energy. Nandan Nilekani for Adhaar, Metro Man of India-Sridharan, and there will be host of others as well….That’s what we need.

5. Ensure Electoral reforms not only to select genuine candidates but also ensure costless elections Democracy has been hijacked by people who get a mandate through manipulation, sending a spiralling effect down the entire economy. Moreover, funding for the electoral process needs a massive rejig.

6. Take urgent innovative steps to reform the entire educational process with an attendant need for learning, not only studies, emphasis on education that builds values, education that teaches people to differentiate right from wrong, genuine vs fake so that they are better suited to take decisions. Glamourise teachers and their profession, give them a spring not treat them like daily wage labourers.

….and this list is not complete.

Five Reforms PM Can Consider

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