What do you think about Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

The UN and majority of the world’s countries do not recognize Israel’s claim on all of Jerusalem, which is home to sites holy to the Jewish, Muslims and Christians.

Notwithstanding the UN plan, a war after Israel’s declaration of independence a year later divided the city along what is called as Armistice Line in 1949.

Later, during the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel occupied East Jerusalem, bringing the entire city under its authority

In 1980, Israel declared Jerusalem its capital. But the UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem

As of now, Jerusalem hosts no embassies and Tel Aviv is home to the embassies of 86 countries

US never had its embassy in Jerusalem. But in 1995, US Congress passed a law requiring America to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Yet every president since 1995 has declined to move the embassy, signing a waiver citing national security concerns.

The diplomatic status of Jerusalem is one of the world’s most contested issues, with Israel and the Palestinians claiming it as their capital

The US President earlier this year, signed a ‘waiver’ that put off the shift for six months.

He supports Israel’s claim on Jerusalem as its capital.

There are four dimensions, four perspectives to Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


Ethically, the move is incorrect, as the whole of the territory has been a Palestinian land, and any control of Israel over this place with the help of force and manipulation is unethical. It is against the wishes of the Arabs and Arab sentiments.


Donald Trump during his campaign had held US will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital moving the US embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. He is fulfilling this promise.


Whether Trump would have recognized it or not, Jerusalem has been the de factocapital of Israel. Israel operates that place, its parliament the Knesset is in Jerusalem, the President’s Palace Beit HaNassi, and most of the government buildings are also in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is also the seat to Israeli Supreme Court , It is where is the HQ of Israeli Police is located, and also the Bank of Israel

So Israel claims this place as its capital. Ideally, a country’s capital is where the country claims it is and where its core government buildings are. Israel has been in its possession and Possession is said to be nine tenths of the law

However, the problem is not West Jerusalem. It’s very much in Israel’s control and even a few countries do recognize West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The problem is with a very small stretch of land – the Old city which has the Western Wall/Temple Mount/Al Aqsa Mosque), and which lies in East Jerusalem.

Other perspectives

Donald Trump is one President who does what most will consider unthinkable. The move is likely and definitely antagonize the Middle east. For the Jews and Christians, Jerusalem is their holiest city. For Muslims, Jerusalem is the third most important city after Mecca and Medina. Turkey’s president Erdogan has warned it could sever ties with Israel if US goes ahead on this. Erdogan has also said that such a move would cross a “red line” for Muslims

Several countries have urged Trump not to do.

But International politics is strange.

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