What in life can be made easy?



1. Be honest, when in trouble, it builds and reinforces trust, which you require.

2. Be simple when you are in trouble

3. Be nice to people when in wealth, so that you can build more capital, social capital,

4. Be polite, when in power, so that when you are not in power people will still value you

5. Be silent when in anger, because you are likely to hurt someone

6. Be helpful, when in authority, so that when out of power you can still get it back.


1. Don’t promise, when you are happy, because that is out of enthusiasm.

2. Don’t decide when you are sad, because you are likely to devalue yourself.

3. Don’t speak when you are angry, because you can break a relationship in which you have invested heavily.

4. Don’t trouble any one, already under trouble, because that person will always remember your blackmailing.

5. Don’t make an opinion about any person, who are in angry, because people are never true


Never follow the advice of the people, who are not concerned with the outcome of the result of their advice, because they are not concerned.

2. Never form an opinion on people you love, without their consent. Any one can make an opinion about anyone, how different are you being close.

3. Never make a statement which you cant defend, anyone can make any statement, whats the big deal.

4. Never go back on your commitment, as it makes you powerful;

5. Never think that you have learnt everything, because that makes you wise

6. Never deny helping others, that only adds to your skill


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