What is so special about Biharis?

Bihar which has been a birthplace of Buddhism, Jainism and contributor to some path breaking scientific discoveries, has been an exception.

On the eve of Independence, Bihar inherited other than most fertile rice plain in the world, a groundwater with superb quality, and a mineral resource base unrivaled by only few provinces in the world, notwithstanding the highest per capita income, three top class institutions- Science College, Patna College, Engineering College, and PMCH,

Bihar also inherited an exceptional value system which makes so many people nostalgic as well.

The Biharis do not have a dearth of talent as is so easily visible in the successes they have, achievements they have in their name, either in India or away.

Bihar has over 450 IAS officers, they have one of the highest success percentage in IIT, IIM, NIT, and all top notch educational institutions of India have maximum number of Biharis, and that despite having the lowest illiteracy rate. That is exceptional.Biharis are very well aware of everything

Bihar has been a feudal society with a very strong caste hierarchy but inherited it in the form of social capital.

However the fall from grace of Bihar has been a study that will intrigue even the best of the psychologists, economists and management experts alike.

Bihar has been suffering from depression, with all its symptoms such as a very high degree of insecurity among its people, irrational community feeling, supra higher degree of suspicion and an obsession for suspicion for no reason, a consistent tendency to harm others by winning their trust, facade to show how happy they can be with their charm towards celebrating festivals and festivities in order to release themselves, and to relieve themselves, between self imposed stress, and compromises that they wear in adapting to change all of which that defy logic.

In order to rescue themselves from depression, they use their intelligence to become clever, they acquire and force simplicity on them by surrendering self respect at an opportune time. Further, in order to rescue themselves away from depression they have adopted arrogance as an instrument, and manipulation as a means to rescue “self esteem” which is like self defence and which is not considered as value loaded at all, and indeed glamourised to the highest level.

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