What is the typical mentality of the Indian society?

Indians are a strange mixture of strength, intellect, balance unpredictability, honesty, manipulation, spirituality, and treachery… We answer this question in three series


Consider these facts..

  1. We use English language to communicate despite the fact that we may not know correct English.
  2. Indians dress like Westreners , talk like Westreners portray like Westreners.
  3. They even speak Hindi as if they are speaking English.
  4. The fact that Indians are hooked on to all brands that is English (read British or westerner)
  5. The fact that Indians look towards London in awe and inspiration, a city built completely out of money looted from India.
  6. The fact that they do not feel peeved by the fact that the British looted them mercilessly.
  7. The fact that Indians are able to imitate westerners no end.
  8. The fact that Indians always enjoy taking pride from any British association.
  9. The fact that the most important institutions are copied from British and which the Indians have not been able to Indianise.
  10. The fact that we still follow the British education, what the Britishers made for colonising India.
  11. The fact that Indians enjoy copying anything westerner.
  12. The fact that the westerners are successful in making Indians think in the manner they want.
  13. The fact that the first speech in “free India” by Jawahar Lal Nehru was read in English, not in any INDIAN language.
  14. The fact that Yuvraj Singh’s six sixes has not been as much publicised as it would have been had any British player did that.
  15. The fact that the toddlers still learn baba black sheep, despite the fact that there are no sheep in tropical regions of India and they don’t have black colour.
  16. That on every birthday occasion people wish by saying “Happy birthday to You” and cutting cake. If you are not cutting cake, you are not civilised and the best part is no one can defend why they cut cakes, and not eat INDIAN dishes that day.

We value everything from the west more than our own

  1. Has any one seen so much influence of the Tamils, of Andhraites, of Kannadigas of Bengalis, of Assamese or any others on the Indians?
  2. Has anyone got any logic as to why even among their family members and to young toddlers they talk in English, and even to their to their pets and that too in wrong English.
  3. Has any one got any answer to the fact as to why we enjoy wearing a neck tie in the peak of summers and even the newsreaders wear a western style suit while reading news.
  4. Has anyone got an answer to the fact that the people lose their complete personality when they go to Britain, and become half British or half American.
  5. Colonial effect is not only in economy, colonisation of mind is even a bigger malaise than economic colonialism.
  6. Has any one got an answer that the Indians are not comfortable In their own skin colour their own looks and their own lifestyle. Was this degree of comfort even before the British came?
  7. Has any one got an answer as to why the elite residential locations have English names, why all the elite schools shy away from any Indian name and take pride in naming their educational institutions beginning with St…..?

We do not respect our language, our dress, we get married in westerners design, we dance to western tunes, we sing in their manner, we eulogise them to no end…when we change our agriculture from one based on bio agriculture to chemical agriculture, when instead of our traditional crops we grow designed crops and that too all without any logic, then all of these are signs, symbols that we are still living under their influence, and that although the British left the country, or were made to leave, we are every inch product of the nefarious design of the west, in form, language, deed, functioning, psyche, aspirations, identity, ,,,,,,,

Modernisation is a historical inescapable process of social change. Modernisation first occurred in the West through the twin processes of commercialization and industrialisation.

The social consequences of these processes were the application of technologies in competitive market situation, the growth of lending and fiscal devices and the need to support the modern armies etc. The modernity in West attacked religion, superstitions, family and church.

The process of modernisation as it has obtained, is global in character. But the response to this process has been different in different countries of the world depending upon their historical, socio-cultural patterns and political systems.

Modernisation is not IMITATION. Modernisation is a gradual process of wearing an identity, by way of which we change, we have changed, or we are open to new concepts, new ideas new innovations, new intellects, and all such changes that we can can defend, and that we have a reason for it. Modernisation is not merely change. It is change along with progress, change that brings about change, a change that is imbibed in acceptance. The changes that have taken place in India are not logical, not that anyone can defend. In India, these changes are all about wearing a new identity, separating them away from a mass by making them realise their superiority by virtue of having carried a tradition of imitaion that even the people who carry can’t defend. Modernity represents such nouveau rich people who pose themselves as descendants from the West.

Modernity doesn’t allow any culture to be spoiled, to become extinct, to be changed. Modernisation allows both of them to co exist, traditional and or changed one. Imitation is done by people who do not understand the essence of any cultural norm or ant cultural facet. Wearing a mini skirt is not that has evolved logically, it has not been evinced by any process. Same has been the case with living relationships. Western Ideology has influenced the lifestyle of people who have lost their identity or don’t have any identity. For the rest of them, their knowledge, their lifestyle and their




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