Earth Scientis
Chief Mentor
Sri K. Siddhartha

Being a mentor, thinker, and a visionary,he has the ability to see things beyond ordinary; he can analyze issues, and see them from many different perspectives. His experience in life has been full of diversity and challenges. His professional experiences range from being a physicist to a fashion designer to an environmentalist, a corporate trainer, a mentor of national repute, who is now pursuing research in palaeogeography(a combination of palaeontology, stratigraphy, structural geology, petrology, crystallography, mineralogy, meteorology, oceanography, geology and geomorphology) and Perception management.

As a Mentor
He has over 20 years experience in teaching Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Behavioural traits in India’s topmost institutes, and 15 years experience in training students for Civil Services. He has had a hand in mentoring 1482 students for IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and other Civil Services in the past 18 years ( He has managed and chaired one of the largest career solution programmes in India. He was the Chief Mentor of this venture.He has also been an an Esteemed Academic Advisor of Educomp-Pearson led India’s first VSAT based training and also the Advisor of a Civil Services oriented trainingalongwith the former Election Commissioner, Sri T.N. Sheshan.
As an author
As an author, he has authored 40 books on Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Sciences, Human Geography, International Relations, History and Culture (
As an International Speaker
As an International Speaker he has attended and lectured in seminars in Frankfurt, London, and Bucharest, on Geopolitics, Branding India, Hazard perception, and Perception management.
As an Earth Scientist
As an Earth Scientist, apart from pursuing his research in Paleogeographic reconstruction of the whole world, he is in a process of completing the model for replicating the entire of Planet Earth in India in its complete entity (Project Vasundhara: The Mini Planet).

As an educationist presently working on two spheres-

  • Establishing a repository of online knowledge by conversion of his 1500+ articles into a digital form with the use of animation, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and Immersive technology, to be presented in a documentary form.
  • Establishing an offline university, which introduces the concept of how a career can be assured by mentoringstudents, by reforming their attitudinal and personality traits for India’s only Career Security Programme, ( This acts as a precursor to opening an University.
Institution Building and Establishment
Knowledge Management
Perception Management
Curriculum Reform & Development
Leadership and Staff Organization Management
Problem Solving/Trouble Shooting
Mind Training
Rebranding Concepts/Cultures/Nationalities
Graduation (with Hons.) from Patna University
Diploma in Design Intelligence from Institute of Fashion Technology
Diploma in Multimedia application in EIA, from Johannesburg University

Chairperson, Perception & Knowledge Management Integration Systems

Training, Students, Corporates, Working people, Teachers into becoming future leaders and organizers. Consultant to Governments, and organizations seeking to establish and brand educational/training institutions like NOIDA University. This includes advisory role to Ministry of Education, Srilankan Government, Maldives Government & Ministry of Tourism, Government of Gujarat, India.
Ensemble Career Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Established a Knowledge Park “Ensemble” at Delhi and developed it into top five training institutes in India for Civil Services examination, the toughest examination in India. Was the first to introduce multimedia and animation based curriculum.
Earth Scientist and Author
Completed books on the various themes of Earth Sciences: some co-authored with American authors and largely meant for International Standards on subjects as diverse as - Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Sciences, and Human Geography. Was the first Indian to prepare Dictionary of Geography of India. The authored books include:
The Earth’s Dynamic Surface
Atmosphere, Weather and Climate
Oceanography: A Brief Introduction
Biosphere: A Geography of life
Cities, Urbanisation & Urban Systems
Economic Geography: Theories, Processes and Patterns
Nation-State, Territory & Geoplitics
India the Physical aspects
Indian Industry A Geographical Perspective
A Modern Dictionary of Geography
Geography Through Maps
भारतीय विरासत और संस्कृति
History & Heritage Through maps
Encyclopedia of Geography Volume-I
Ecology & Environment
Physical Geography
Models and Theories in Geography
India: Environment and Resources
Basic Physical Geography
मौलिक भूगोल
पारिस्थितिकी पर्यावरण एवं संरक्षण
Haritage & Culture
विश्व इतिहास
India: A Concise Geography
भारत एक संक्षिप्त भूगोल
World Geography : Geography of changing world
विश्व क भूगगोल
GS Disaster Management
General Studies 2014: Question Bank (English)
Geography Through Maps
मानचित्रों द्वारा भूगोल
History & Heritage Through Maps
इतिहास एवं धरोहर मानचित्रों द्वारा
Geography For Peliminary Examination Volume-I
भूगोल प्रारंभिक परीक्षा के लिए Volume-I
Geography for Preliminary Examination Volume-II
Science Technology and Society
Sociology Volume-I
राष्ट्र, राज्य, क्षेत्र एवं भूराजनीति
India: Issues And Analysis Series A Modern Dictionary of Geography
Centre for the Development of Environment and Resources
K. Siddhartha Foundation
Wrote over 100 articles for Hindustan Times and edited their entire page on Science and Technology and Career. Prepared a model of flood generating factors in India for a seminar, the first holistic reinterpretation of floods and hydrological destabilisation in India. Prepared a model for the reclamation of wastelands and degraded land. Started a self-financing student welfare programme, K. Siddhartha foundation.
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