A project conceived and perfected to simulate the whole Earth and its processes, Vasundhara, is mini planet, a science City, a smart city, an educational centre an entertainment centre, a museum, and all integrated in a manner to showcase India’s natural wealth, heritage and hidden treasures of the Geological past and present configuration to not only spread awareness and information but in such an entertaining manner that the visitor/receiver sustains it in his mental map for a long time, and becomes a medium of diffusing this information and knowledge.

The basic theme is Exhibition-Entertainment-Education. Vasundhara, Mini Planet will create a miniature earth as it will show on a vast expanse the whole of earth and its topographic features in a manner that an observer will be able to feel the altitude and terrain of the mountains like Himalayas, Alps, Rockies, the Grand Canyon and the flow of rivers. The real life images of the topographies and the eye popping presentation has not been simulated and presented anywhere in the world.

The World Topographic Exhibit Presentation will become an essential input for future Pilots, Air Hostesses, Environmental, Earth and Life Science Students, as well as for those who are in Tourism and Travel Management.

The mini planet will create a pavilion for all states of India showing their terrain and all geographical features like rivers, vegetation, villages, roads and cities.

This exhibition will provide a very good foundation for anyone in Rural Management, Real Estate Developers, Managing Urban and Rural Development.

The entertainment part of the museum will comprise of a more than planetarium and solar system as it will simulate the entire galactic phenomena including Stellar birth and death, Supernova explosion, as astronomical phenomena and underwater phenomena on the lines of Santosa Island (underwater park) wherein glass-houses marine creatures shark, whale and other organisms having bioluminescence will be showcased.

Indian masses have hardly seen the phenomena of bioluminescence. The World’s Biotic Regions where the Biodiversity of Tropical Rainforests, Savanna, Monsoon, Taiga and Tundra will be stored which will help children to value and understand Biodiversity. As the children will watch the Palaeogeographic evaluation of the World, they will grow up understanding the fragile world and appreciate the requirement to conserve it. The models of different Village Communities like Masai and Eskimos and Animal dances will help them to learn different cultures and their environment.

Vasundhara will be a city, a global city, an aviation hub, a world tourist destination, a science city, the only science city in oriental world and an educational centre with the world’s most advanced earth science university as well as the training centre for students all over the world.

Given its day it will be capable of generating revenue to the extent of 1 lakh crore every year.

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