Geography Through Maps

The Book is especially useful for General Studies and Geography Optional in the Civil services Examination, UPSC UPPCS, MPPCS, BPSC, JPSC Uttrakhand, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, PCS and other State Provinical Civil Services Examination. Highlights of the Book. : World Map : Australia and Oceania : North America : Polar Areas : Middle America : Asia : South America : World Thematic Maps : Africa : India Political : Europe : Appendix - Glossary India, Glossary World.

Basic Physical Geography

The book explains the concept of Basic Geography in the most simplified manner. It covers possibly all the topics that Physical Geography, Settlement Geography and Human Geography. The coverage of the topic is wide, comprehensive, and multidimensional presented in a simplified manner. The book uses a lot of tables and has numerous illustrations. The book is intended to be an authentic source for students preparing for Civil Services Examination form where they can answer almost all the questions are asked in GS Preliminary Exam. The book is designed taking into account all the contents of Delhi University’s newly revised curriculum of 4-year semester. To all those students who are in the 1st year of Graduation semester, the book will be the only source. The book is also an important and useful source for State PCS aspirants for preparing General Studies.

A Modern Dictionary of Geography

A Modern Dictionary of Geography

Ecology & Environment

The book is an attempt for the whole mankind to let it know the complex world with its natural features and phenomena. The concept is to make the world our own by knowing all its part clearly. Even to this day the world is an incredibly rich storehouse for us and for future generations. But we must learn to treat it with respect and gratitude. " ECOLOGY & ENVIRONMENT " is an informative book to make useful contributions for a better understanding of the earth. It is short, concise, pictorial, and authentic and covers latest global events that took place till first half of 2013. It comprises of all the latest development related to environment. The coloured plates (24) incorporated in this book is to serve the purpose of better understanding and along with this exhaustive glossary have been given to facilitate the reader. The book is intended to be a textbook at the graduation and post graduation level of all the Indian Universities.The Book is also useful and popular for the Environment Section of the syllabus of the UPSC (Main and Prelims) as well as State PCS and Preparation for Geography optional.

Economic Geography

This book is a systematic attempt to integrate the latest development with their influence on human activities. this book is essentially a textbook, and has been recommended by NBT, India. Highlights of the Book is : World Economic Development : Patterns of the Development : All the Resources of the world : World Agricultural System : World Industrial Regions & Problems : World Trade Pattern Globalization : World Food Problem : World Food Security : A Comprehensive Glossary.

History & Heritage Through Maps

"History & Heritage Through Maps" is an academic endeavor for those students, researchers and scholars who face difficulty in having access to various and vivid facts, figures and facets of socio-cultural realm and repertoire of a historically important place. This Book especially focuses on - : The archaeological relics : Heritage : Cultural events : Place that presents the history of India's olden days. : It also consists of two important chapters on ancient Indian Historical Thought and Cultural and Historical Geography of India.

Models & Theories

The subject of Geography developed long ago and many Geographers propounded various ideas and concepts to prove their point of view. This Book "Models and theoris in Geography" assembled all the Theories and Models propounded by different geographers at different time and different countries.

The analysis of the theoretical aspects, their present day validity, as well as their aplicability forms the basis of this book which is not only essential for all the students studying Geography at Graduation and Post graduation level in Indian Universities but the Book is also useful for the Theories section of the syllabus of the UPSC Mains and State PCS for Preparation of Geography optional.

Contents of the Book

Systems Analysis in Human Geography

The Earth's Dynamic Surface (A Book of Geomorphology)

Geography Students of IAS, State PCS, BA, MA(Geomorphology)

Disaster Management
'DISASTER MANAGEMENT' covers the essentials of the newly introduced section in the syllabus taking into consideration the requirement and background of the students appearing for civil services. It has been designed keeping in view the difficulties a student may face having little or no knowledge of disasters and their mitigation strategies. Moreover, keeping in view the time constraints a Civil Services aspirant encounters, the book has been rendered a synoptic structure to facilitate easy access and relevant importation. Salient Features of 'DISASTER MANAGEMENT'

• Exhaustive coverage of the syllabus

• Basic concept at the beginning of each chapter

• Coverage of recent disasters and lessons learnt from them

Geography For Preliminary Examination Volume-I

Atmosphere, Weather and Climate, by K.Siddhartha Text Book on Climatology Reference Textbook for Geography, Reference Textbook for Physics, Reference Textbook for Meteorology, Reference Textbook for Environmental Science

GS 2015 Question Bank

In this book, you will get question paper with model answer of IAS mains 2015. Answers written strictly on UPSC pattern.

GS-PT Physical Geography in Diagrams (Cimatology & Oceanography)

GS PT Physical Geography In Diagrams (CLIMATE & OCEAN)

Samanya Adhayayan Prarambhik Pareeksha : Bhoutik Bhugol Chitron Mai (Bhu Akriti Vigyan)

GS PT Physical Geography In Diagrams (BHUAKRITI VIGYAN)

Economic Geography

This book is a systematic attempt to integrate the latest development with their influence on human activities. This book is essentially a textbook, and has been recommended by NBT, India. The text deals specifically with the various theories in economicgeography, the patterns of human activity throughou tthe world and the operation of DeveIopment,AgricuIture, Industry and Trade.