Girls are more intelligent than boys, stronger than boys, more value loaded than boys, and more sincere towards their work than boys.

Girls are not getting a level playing field as there is enough discrimination of girl child.

Without the girls having a level playing field, half of any country’s population goes for a waste, unproductive and of no use. They become a liability rather than a resource. If the girls are transformed in any country then not only half of the population becomes useful, rather the governance improves, administration improves, the crime rate drops, the value quotient improves, and the place becomes more livable and happy.

Why girls

The girl students have been specifically targeted and chosen for a variety of reasons.

  1. Girls are equally or even more talented than boys, but they do not get a level playing field to show their talent.
  2. In a society like India, investment on a small amount on girls can bring a major return as an indirect social gain as well as a massive social gain in the form of enhanced prestige.
  3. It will be an excellent initiative to empower women, the first such initiative on women empowerment in the entire country.
  4. While the boys do get a chance of getting out of their state for their education, it is the girls who are left behind.
  5. It is easy to mould a girl child/student in comparison to a male student given the social milieu in which the boys are brought up, and it is easier to obtain a desired result from them.
  6. The initiative is likely to give an assured result, given their psychological make-up and sincerity towards work, the value, which they carry, and the ambition that they have.
  7. Girl students are most likely to form a better social capital and develop strong bonding among themselves to make such programmes successful in comparison to boys.
  8. The girls are likely to diffuse any transformation in their personality much faster than boys.
  9. Girls represent the symbol of social change and are a very potent medium of social upliftment of the state and society of Maharashtra as was evident with the symbol of girls on bicycle which transformed the image of Bihar.

The solution to this problem lies in bringing about a complete transformation of girls attitude and personality after +2 to make them marriage ready, career ready and future ready.

This is to be done by removing the flaws in the education of the girls by helping strenghthen their basics, remove the flaws they have developed and acquired in their education as well as help the girls develop an identity, a career and a future that will make her safe, secure and sustainable. The ostensible aim is help the girls hone up their personality, then impart specific skills related to computer training, hospitality, teaching, training, DTP, Locality Governance. Family management. Over and above categorise the girls on the basis of their talent into guiding them precisely for Civil Services, Academics Management, Journalism and social engineering.

Sri K. Siddhartha have devised a programme, a curriculum and a technology that helps tide over all these issues. The contents of the programme will be immensely helpful in bettering students for their life, for their career and to pick up diverse challenges in future. This is because the programme seeks to

  1. Improve the learning environment by
    • Inculcating tricks of learning
    • Simplifying learning
    • Enhancing imagination
    • Instill observational learning
    • Helping build social capital to diffuse and disseminate learning
  2. Help think out of box to have solution oriented attitude.
  3. Improve the results of University examination
  4. Instill creativity to help futuristic self programming


  1. Understanding Gender and Sex, its philosophy and physiology
  2. Basic Grooming on Body, Language body language, communication, make up, Concepts of beauty and attraction.
  3. Basic Etiquettes, family, professional and work place ettiquettes.
  4. Hobbies and Interest, their significance in personality and their conversion into profession also their role into economic actions as well as
  5. Family and Home and their efficient management
  6. Being Strong, involves getting to know rights, legal and moral, having an identity, and getting to build social capital.

The programme is completly devoted to build marriage ready, career ready and future ready girls. As part of this programme the colleges and Universities are adopted and their complete accountability is taken to provide the chosen girls a 100% Secure Career comprising of Civil Services, Journalism, Academics, Management and Public Policy.

WE choses small town girls who have never been to a metropolis but have a capability far beyond. These girls are being subjected to varied experiences and exposures that include meeting the best known personalities of India.